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On January 12th, 2010, a 7.0 earthquake struck the country of Haiti leaving roughly 1.5 million people homeless and over 230,000 dead.

In response to this disaster, we set up a nonprofit organization, We Hear Your Voice, to help empower Haitians to rebuild and revitalize their community. To this end, our mission has become focused on and intertwined with the tireless efforts of the Haitian brother and sister team of Ben Constant and Marie Jose Poux, whose inspiring work with the underprivileged children, orphans and tent city residents of Port-au-Prince is featured in the documentary, GRACE & MERCY.

And after three years of collaboration, We Hear Your Voice is honored to have helped Marie Jose double the size of her orphanage and open a new school that serves 130 students who otherwise would not have any opportunity for education.

CNN with Wolf Blitzer

CNN's Wolf Blitzer interviews Justin and Kennedy about their trip to Haiti to rescue Kennedy's three children.

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WHYV Documentary

GRACE & MERCY, paints a beautiful portrait of a brother and sister who have dedicated their lives to rebuilding their country.

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WHYV Projects

Specific ways WHYV is involved in the rebuilding efforts and supporting the people of Haiti .

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The Govt of the Republic of Haiti

Learn more about the rebuilding effort, the people and the country of Haiti.

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The Interim Haiti Recovery Commission (IHRC)

Established in April 2010 by the Government of Haiti through the leadership of President Préval and the Haitian Parliament, the IHRC reflects a shared vision for the future of Haiti . . .

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The Haiti Reconstruction Fund (HRF)

a partnership between the international community and the Government of Haiti to help finance post-earthquake reconstruction.

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